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Learn how to do aadhar card verification

People want to know the process of aadhar card verification. The government has made the aadhar card necessary for many government schemes like bank account link,LPG connection, Purchasing new sim card etc. If you need to open bank account or get any service like LPG connection, then adhar card is a must document.

The government of India has made such necessary rules. Hence, in these rules, everyone is searching for different things about aadhar card. Many people are also wondering how to do aadhar card verification by name , mobile number and email.
Today all the people have bank account,people get subsidy in their bank account ,It is essential to verify email ID and mobile number with your aadhar card. The government respects the privacy of the citizens. Hence, it does not show all the data when you put the number for verification.
Aadhar portal verify gender and age of aadhar card holder, this is enough to check if the number is authentic or not.

The easiest way to do aadhaar card verification by name. Follow the steps below.

* First, go to the official website of aadhar.
* Now click on the “Verify Aadhaar” tab.
* Click on this tab and go to the next page.
* Now enter the 12 digit aadhar number that you want to verify.
* Next enter the security code as shown in the image.
* Finally, click on the “Verify” button.


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